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Pogemiller: “We never cut off debate here.”

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Really. He said it.

Monday night. February 22, 2010. When the Senate was waiting for the House to send the conference committee report on Minnesota’s version of the debt-laden porkulus bill over, Republican Leader David Senjem wondered aloud that if the Senate breaks for recess while waiting for the bill, would there be opportunity for debate when the Senate is called back to order.

In response, Senate majority leader Larry Pogemiller (DFL – Minneapolis) stated emphatically, “We never cut off debate here.” Laugher erupted, which even included a chuckle from Senate President James Metzen (DFL – St. Paul). The look on Pogemiller’s face was priceless.

Of course, the Truth Detector has to give Sen. Pogemiller a “pure bull” for his statement. One only has to go back to the last day of the 2009 session when Senate Democrats jammed through an enormous tax increase bill at the last minute, knowing it would meet its demise with Governor Tim Pawlenty’s veto pen. Because the clock was ticking toward the constitutional deadline, the Senate Democrats cut off debate and forced a vote under the vocal objections by Senate Republicans.

There was also 2004, when, rather than allow then-Sen. Michele Bachmann offer a constitutional amendment preserving traditional marriage, the Democrat majority shut off the lights and the microphones.

Pure bull, Sen. Pogemiller, and the people know better.

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